Tick Tock

In 3 weeks I leave for my Professional Internship with the Walt Disney Company.  I will be interning with the Disney Institute,  the professional development “arm” of the Walt Disney Company.  They guide corporations into sound culture change, management and leadership classes, and everything in-between. 

My role, as the Program Assistant, is helping the Program Facilitators plan the groups arrivals and schedule classes.  For example, if Temple University were to have scheduled a program, my job would to be sure all of their catering, transportation, and accommodations were all taken care of. Although I don’t teach the classes myself, I will have the opportunity to go to each seminar with the groups as a point of contact for the Disney Company.

Here’s their website, if you want to check it out.  http://disneyinstitute.com/

I AM SO EXCITED.   This position is one that Disney actually emailed me for, asking that I apply for it.  So that’s pretty darn cool. 

I leave June 12th, with my Dad.  We are taking the auto train down to Orlando, which will get us in the morning of the 13th.  I check into my apartment June 14th, and its sun and Mickey until January 5th. 

So if you need a vacation, come visit 🙂  I get pretty sweet discounts. 

Till later!


Journey to Professionalism

Having been in Senior Seminar for about two weeks now, I finally realize that as much as I thought I was ready for the real world, I may still have some work to do.  In two weeks alone I have already grown and matured than over break, so kudos to Dean Montague.

Having turned in my Industry Portfolio of all of the jobs I’ve held, events I have volunteered at, and my internships, was a great feeling of accomplishment.   The required amount of “hours” before reaching our senior year is 250…. and I well passed that goal.  1,811 hours later I feel like a true addict of the hospitality industry.  Working with companies such as Disney, The Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association, The Department of Defense, and Intercontinental Hotel Group I have branded myself as an individual who has a sincere passion for the industry, which of course came with sleepless nights and a few cases of Red Bulls, but none the less, I’m officially done.

But next up on my journey into professionalism, I recently applied for Disney Professional & Management Internships.  These are a great way to become involved with a top tourism destination as well as the #1 entertainment company.  But aside from that – it  has been my DREAM to work for Mickey ever since I could talk.  I’ve already begun my career path with Disney since my sophomore year, but now is my time to shine and make it big.  For those of you looking for a great opportunity, the Disney College Program is where it all began for me.  (Although for most of Disney’s Management internships it is not required to have completed a program, its just preferred.)

Tomorrow is my first round of interviews for the Professional Management Internships.  I am really looking forward to the opportunity to create magic every day in an events environment.  I’ll put the link to all of the Disney careers information down below – so take a look.  But these are the ones I’m most pulling for next semester.

  • Catering and Convention Services (Aulani & WDW)
  • Theme Park Operations
  • Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings
  • Distribution Marketing Services Event  Planner
  • And the special Alumni Only internships: Cast Activities Special Events, College  & International Housing Events, Guest Relations, and Park Event Operations Assistant.

I’m still incredibly nervous.  I know I have experience in the industry and STHM has been there preparing me for this day, I now just have to seize the fantastic opportunity ahead of me.   And one day, I’ll be writing to you all  from sunny Orlando.



** Edit: Disney contacted me and asked me to apply to a different internship:  Disney Institute Program Assistant… here goes nothing!

The End Is Near.

This semester is the climax of my Temple career.  Senior Professional Development Seminar.  Or Senior Sem as we STHM kids call it.  The course is meant to prepare students for the professional world, in a simulated business setting.  Our Dean, Jeffrey Montague, is our “CEO”, and operates the classroom as such.  Each student will serve on a committee, and be responsible for things such as budgeting and financing the business,  marketing and PR, presidency, etc.  It should get pretty interesting as the weeks get rolling and we all get our assignments.

The first day of classes was overwhelming.  My schedule is only four classes, but squishing them into two days a week was a choice I am sort of regretting.

9:30-10:50 – Financial Issues in Tourism and Hospitality

2:00 – 3:20 – Capstone: Designing Tourism Experiences

3:30-4:50 – Senior Seminar

5:30 – 9:10 – Investing for the Future. **Only Tuesday Nights

So my life will be pretty hectic as the semester gets rolling.  But I’ve waited for this moment for 4 years now.  I’ve been preparing for it.  I am 99.9% positive I am ready for it.  Now I just have to wait it out.

PS.  Next week, applications for the Disney Professional Internships are posted.  I’m getting pretty excited-nervous-anxious-thrilled.  I’ve been waiting for these to come out over all of winter break.  I’m hopefully going to one of the event management internships, either the cp housing, weddings, or Magic Kingdom events.  So look for some updates on that one 🙂

Pennsylvania Farm Show – Harrisburg, PA

So this past weekend, my boyfriend introduced me to the Pennsylvania Farm Show.   This was the 96th year of the shows existence, and it is still running strong.   The entire thing blew my mind – starting with the rodeo.  It is the #1 rodeo show in the NATION.  That is just incredible to me.  People from all of the country flock to watch and participate in the rodeo – including the junior division which had 11 year old girls in it.  I have to give them so much credit, the things they are able to do on those horses is just brilliant.  And they all looked pretty darn cute in their cowboy/girl hats.

My absolute favorite part of the show – wasn’t the area where I met horses and cows and pigs, or was able to purchase any color of a cowgirl hat – but where I was immersed in a butterfly garden.  For a $2 fee, we walked around a tent FILLED with Monarchs, Painted Ladies, and Buckeyes.  It was incredible.  Everyone had a gatorade “lollipop”, which enabled us to feed the butterflies and gently pick them up.  Children and adults alike were loving it.

And FYI:  You can in fact touch a butterflies wings… gently, and they will still fly. It’s the moths that can’t handle the oil from our fingertips.  So just be careful 🙂My Butterfly Friend

Here Goes Nothing

Hi Everyone!

So this is my first shot at this whole blogging thing.  Hopefully I keep you amused!!!

I guess I’ll give you a little insight into what is going on in the world of Elizabeth.  I’m currently cramming for 3 finals, but I mean who isn’t?  International Tourism, Research Methodology, and Legal Issues in Tourism and Hospitality.  It’s quite the course load.  Oh, and the event I’ve been planning for months with the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association is coming up tomorrow.  No pressure, right?

Luckily for me I’ve got some great friends and family who have my back.  Nothing is going to stop me from Senior Seminar in the Spring.  Oh yeah, and that fantastic internship with Disney (keeping my fingers crossed).

So until I finish working out the kinks on this site, I bid you adieu.  Hopefully you like it!!!