Pennsylvania Farm Show – Harrisburg, PA

So this past weekend, my boyfriend introduced me to the Pennsylvania Farm Show.   This was the 96th year of the shows existence, and it is still running strong.   The entire thing blew my mind – starting with the rodeo.  It is the #1 rodeo show in the NATION.  That is just incredible to me.  People from all of the country flock to watch and participate in the rodeo – including the junior division which had 11 year old girls in it.  I have to give them so much credit, the things they are able to do on those horses is just brilliant.  And they all looked pretty darn cute in their cowboy/girl hats.

My absolute favorite part of the show – wasn’t the area where I met horses and cows and pigs, or was able to purchase any color of a cowgirl hat – but where I was immersed in a butterfly garden.  For a $2 fee, we walked around a tent FILLED with Monarchs, Painted Ladies, and Buckeyes.  It was incredible.  Everyone had a gatorade “lollipop”, which enabled us to feed the butterflies and gently pick them up.  Children and adults alike were loving it.

And FYI:  You can in fact touch a butterflies wings… gently, and they will still fly. It’s the moths that can’t handle the oil from our fingertips.  So just be careful 🙂My Butterfly Friend


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