The End Is Near.

This semester is the climax of my Temple career.  Senior Professional Development Seminar.  Or Senior Sem as we STHM kids call it.  The course is meant to prepare students for the professional world, in a simulated business setting.  Our Dean, Jeffrey Montague, is our “CEO”, and operates the classroom as such.  Each student will serve on a committee, and be responsible for things such as budgeting and financing the business,  marketing and PR, presidency, etc.  It should get pretty interesting as the weeks get rolling and we all get our assignments.

The first day of classes was overwhelming.  My schedule is only four classes, but squishing them into two days a week was a choice I am sort of regretting.

9:30-10:50 – Financial Issues in Tourism and Hospitality

2:00 – 3:20 – Capstone: Designing Tourism Experiences

3:30-4:50 – Senior Seminar

5:30 – 9:10 – Investing for the Future. **Only Tuesday Nights

So my life will be pretty hectic as the semester gets rolling.  But I’ve waited for this moment for 4 years now.  I’ve been preparing for it.  I am 99.9% positive I am ready for it.  Now I just have to wait it out.

PS.  Next week, applications for the Disney Professional Internships are posted.  I’m getting pretty excited-nervous-anxious-thrilled.  I’ve been waiting for these to come out over all of winter break.  I’m hopefully going to one of the event management internships, either the cp housing, weddings, or Magic Kingdom events.  So look for some updates on that one 🙂


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