Tick Tock

In 3 weeks I leave for my Professional Internship with the Walt Disney Company.  I will be interning with the Disney Institute,  the professional development “arm” of the Walt Disney Company.  They guide corporations into sound culture change, management and leadership classes, and everything in-between. 

My role, as the Program Assistant, is helping the Program Facilitators plan the groups arrivals and schedule classes.  For example, if Temple University were to have scheduled a program, my job would to be sure all of their catering, transportation, and accommodations were all taken care of. Although I don’t teach the classes myself, I will have the opportunity to go to each seminar with the groups as a point of contact for the Disney Company.

Here’s their website, if you want to check it out.  http://disneyinstitute.com/

I AM SO EXCITED.   This position is one that Disney actually emailed me for, asking that I apply for it.  So that’s pretty darn cool. 

I leave June 12th, with my Dad.  We are taking the auto train down to Orlando, which will get us in the morning of the 13th.  I check into my apartment June 14th, and its sun and Mickey until January 5th. 

So if you need a vacation, come visit 🙂  I get pretty sweet discounts. 

Till later!


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